Christina GarayAlba has been living in France since 1988 and works in Bordeaux. She was born in Bilbao, in the Northern Spain, has grown in a warm and art sensitive family environment. She regularly goes back to her roots in her birth place, where the contemporary art has been asserted for some years with numerous art galleries and where the presence of the Guggenheim Museum is a must.

From her Spanish roots, she claims a culture of direct being and spontaneity. Her consented exile, her double belonging and her numerous journeys around the world, has opened new ways of seeing and new perspectives. Her desire of understanding the human nature formed her international knowledge.

Neither institutional nor academic based, her artistic sense grew up from this cultural mixing.

Training with some confirmed artists, such as the Italian painter Libero, she acquired essential bases and lost no time to adapt it to her own creativity.

In her quest for authenticity, she developed a strong feeling for colour, patterns and space, which she expresses by working quickly on large canvases: a powerful, intuitive, free painting. Her technical mastery and invention spread on the canvas, in the stream of a quasi gestural inspiration.

This polymorphic artist feels at ease in her representational painting as well as abstracted ones. She knows how to get the main part of the shape, to give birth to bulls, or to horses in action, either on the contrary to arouse the imagination with free splashes of colors related to the action painting gesture.

Her work high in material and pigments, sometimes near the saturation, testify to her generosity. A constant harmony, of emotion, energy, greatness without exuberance : elegant.

With a great variety of images and impressions, a taste for warm and deep tonalities, Alba’s paintings rely on issues of scale and space, contrasts and patterns. Colours are subtle and textures vary constantly.

This painting is strong, it is no trick, it is the fruit of sincerity and takes root in an unshakeable will to remain true...

Alba exposes her work regularly in artistic shows in France, some of her paintings belongs to private collections in France and abroad.